Beards and Best Hair Days: What’s Trending so far in 2018

men's hair trends

Our hair is just as much an expression of who we are and how we want to be perceived as our clothes – so you can understand why the team and Risk Sport are interested in the trends that are and the trends that will be when it comes to male grooming. Big beards and handle bar moustaches, buzz cuts and letting the locks grow out; we respect the diversity, experimentation, and self-expression that starts at the head and is channelled into clothing. We see it here on the streets of Manchester, in bars, in offices even, and all over the globe. In recent years, there has been a massive growth in men’s talk, interest, and active involvement in fashion and grooming – and we think it’s great. With that in mind, we want to take a look at what’s trending now, from top of the head to the hairs on our chin.

Out with the Man Bun, In with the Buzz Cut

Buzz cut and black jacket.

That’s right boys, it’s bye-bye man bun, time to throw that hair tie away. The man bun was a look that divided the nation and saw far too many men with an unnecessary stump on their head and far too few who could actually pull it off – that’s not to say that you weren’t one of the good ones. It is now time for the buzz cut. Neat and tidy, should you have the face for it then you can be bang on trend and enjoy a no hassle hair routine. Unlike the military-esque grade 1 shave all over, it’s likely that your barber will do some fading work to give some extra texture and style – something the Risk Sport team appreciate in our men’s clothing collection…

Before you commit to the buzz cut, a word of advice; do not attempt to do it yourself, it will only end in tears.

The Classic Short Back and Sides

Short back and sides at Risk Sport

This look has been doing the rounds for a little while now and has become a treasured classic – with a twist of contemporary and a whole lot of options depending on your hair type. It is a haircut that keeps men looking smart, suave even, whilst still being able to show their personality. Some guys will go for the wavy lid with a swept sideways full top. Others might opt for a shorter cut since it is lower maintenance. For those of you with afro hair, the short back and sides is an opportunity to let your creativity shine up top.

Let your Hair Down

Long hair mens fashion

With urban streetwear and grungy skating styles making their way onto catwalks, it’s unsurprising that the hair follows suit. The easy wearing mid and long length looks are back, but if you’re wanting to make your mark, we suggest keeping your hair in good condition all the same to get that much desired mix of sharp and effortless.

Facing Facial Hair

Beards - men's fashion

Facial hair can be a sore spot for us men – especially when we were at high school, waiting for puberty to hit so that we could grow those all-important hairs on the upper lip. These days, facial hair is as fashionable as what’s on our head and the clothes on our body. Hipster beards are glorified and if you have the determination to get that far, congratulations – just be sure to keep the beard cream at bay and to keep everything looking healthy and purposeful. For those that don’t fancy the full beard, there are no real rules other than; if it’s patchy it needs to go and that’s okay, neck beards are not a thing, if you want to show off some stubble keep lines clean and sharp.

Smart, Sharp, Make your Mark Wardrobe from Risk Sport

Adalard Shirt by Risk Sport

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Of course, if all this hair talk has scared you, there’s always the option of a snapback.

Blessed black snapback by Risk Sport

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Until next week, from the Risk Sport gurus.