How to Wear it Right: End of Summer Edit

end of summer menswear edit

Okay, so we’re mid-August and we are well aware that it is still summer, for now. However, in spite of this 2018 heatwave we are also aware that this is Britain and gradually we will slip out of the mid 20s and back into our habitual cloudy skies. How do we navigate our wardrobe during this time? Shorts and a t-shirt might be okay at midday but come 5pm we’ll be doing burpees just to stay warm. With that in mind, the team at Risk Sport want you to be prepared for that drop in temperature, without entirely losing the summer vibes – and it’s all about layering. This week, we take a look at the Risk Sport menswear collection and pick out our best pieces to help during this weird transitional period.

Jeans Just Right

Unless you have been living a life of luxury with unlimited air con, or managed to put up with serious sweating legs, you will probably have spent most of this summer in shorts and lightweight trousers. Now that the weather is becoming more questionable and changing as often as a hormonal teenager changes mood, it might be time to say goodbye to the shorts until next year. The good news is that jeans are back in and the best news is that Risk Sport has the perfect pair for you.

Aurik Blue Jeans by Risk Sport

Aurik Blue Jeans by Risk Sport

The Aurik blue jeans by Risk Sport are perfect for those last weeks of summer. The lightly wash blue denim fabric stops you from going feet first into autumn with dark or black jeans. They’re also great for full day wearing since, should the sun come out you won’t be absorbing heat and once the evening swings around, you won’t be left shivering. These skinny spray-on stretch jeans also happen to be super comfortable – it’s a win-win.

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Layer Up On Top

At this time of year, layers are a man’s best friend. Take them off, put them on, you can always get the right balance to stay comfortable, and with the help of Risk Sport stay on top of style too. Try a combination of t-shirts under an open shirt in long or short sleeves. Or get cosy with a go-to quality hoodie. Then there’s the jacket that can elevate any outfit.

Angelo Shirt and Ladder White T-Shirt

Angelo Short Sleeve Shirt floral print black

Amery Shirt with Ladder White T-Shirt

Amery shirt checked by Risk Sport

Ladder white t-shirt by Risk Sport

See the full shirt collection by Risk Sport here.

See the full t-shirt collection by Risk Sport here.

Titus Khaki Green Hoodie

Titus Hoodie in Khaki Green by Risk Sport

Olive and khaki green has been making the fashion rounds over the last few seasons and has quickly become a contemporary staple to the modern man’s wardrobe. This Risk Sport hoodie with signature side zip additions is one of our favourite go-to greens. The 100% loopback cotton fabric is really breathable but will also keep you warm when the evening draws in.

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Jacko Black Denim Jacket

Jacko black denim jacket by Risk Sport

Every man needs their trusty denim jacket and Jacko by Risk Sport can be exactly that. When the wind picks up and you want an extra defence, our black jacket with its paint-splatter effect and ribbed arms offers an effortlessly cool option for keeping out the cold.

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And with that, we suggest you grab your easy wearing layers and make the most of these last few weeks of summer – we will be doing the same.