How to Wear it Right: Men’s Summer Fashion Edit

Somehow we have made it full speed ahead into August, despite the heat of the season slowing us all right down. We all want to take full advantage of the sun, the BBQs with the boys, but choosing your wardrobe wisely is never more important. It’s hot; we sweat. Like it or not, picking the prime fabrics, colours, and patterns is a must-do. Whether getting ready for casual Friday, heading to an outdoor pool party, or sticking in the city for the weekend, Risk Sport has it covered. From our collection of quality menswear that see a mix of urban style and classics, we have put together our easy-living summer essentials that are sure to keep you looking and feeling cool, no matter what the weather says.

The Ultimate Men’s Summer Shirt

We’ve already shouted about the greatness of a short-sleeve summer shirt, but we want to do it again. Versatile, lightweight, and ticking all the boxes for smart casual, a short-sleeve summer shirt is a necessary addition to any man’s wardrobe. Here’s a Risk Sport best-seller:

The Marco

Marco short sleeve shirt for men

A Hawaiian inspired shirt doesn’t need to be loud. Large flowers and leaves fill the shirt for those tropical summer vibes without taking on the extremes of colour. The shirt can be worn with shorts, skinny jeans, or smart slim fit trousers to match any occasion. If that wasn’t enough variety for you, throw on a white t-shirt and wear the Marco open.

Remember; don’t be the guy with too many buttons undone. Even if your chest could rival The Rock’s (unlikely, but possible), it doesn’t need to be shared with the world in that way, and this isn’t the seventies.

Shop Risk Sport shirts here.

T-Shirts that Work for You

Summer is all about dressing comfortably. Fortunately, Risk Sport designs for comfort too, without losing out on style. They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but second to that (or at least in the top 5) is a white t-shirt – especially in summer. If you think back to science at school, you might remember using the Bunsen burners when you weren’t supposed to, something about circuit and electricity, and perhaps that white reflects heat whilst black absorbs it. Only the latter applies here.

Ladder White T-Shirt

White t-shirt for men by Risk Sport

Our white T is effortless without being lazy. The crew neck and cotton and lycra fabric mix give comfort and breathability when you need it most. It should be one of your staple pieces and you should probably add it to your wardrobe now – here’s the link.

If you have scouted the Risk Sport t-shirt collection, you might have noticed that none of the t-shirts feature a V-neck. That isn’t an accident. They don’t do you any favours and at Risk Sport we are all about making quality clothes that elevate our attitude, and frankly a V-neck looks desperate.

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What’s Happening in the Trouser Department?

We’ve sorted the top half, now to the bottom.

Trousers, shorts, chinos, jeans, joggers; they come in all colours, fits, and styles. We don’t want to overwhelm you, so here are our summer favourites for jeans and swim shorts.

Rafael Blue Jeans

Blue jeans spray on look by Risk Sport

These jeans are lightweight stretch denim that not only look good, but feel good too. We would never knock black jeans, but for the daytime, blue jeans are better for keep the heat off.

Shop Risk Sport jeans here.

Amo Swim Shorts

Blue swim shorts by Risk Sport

These are the classic quick dry shorts by Risk Sport. In a range of bold block colours, they offer comfort, quality, and functionality whether you’re cooling off in the water or heading to the beach bar.

Shop the full swimwear collection here.

Something to Keep the Sun Off

As the name suggests, we pride ourselves on taking risks, but sunstroke is not one of them. When it comes to summer a snapback is the ultimate mix of fashion and function.

Ramiro Snapback

Ramiro snapback in khaki with mesh

Easily adjustable, breathable mesh design, and that twist of Risk; the Ramiro snapback is here, until it’s gone.

Find your favourite here.

That’s it from Risk Sport this week. Now, which way to the beach?