How to Wear it Right: Prep Your Autumn Wardrobe

Autumn menswear

Somewhere in the summer haze we must have fallen into a deep sleep because now we’re saying goodbye to August and stepping into September. Whilst it isn’t technically the end of summer, it may as well be when it comes to our wardrobe. Shorts can be put back into the box under the bed and sliders and flip-flops alongside them. Sorry boys, it’s time. Fortunately the menswear design team at Risk Sport has your back in this troubling transition. It isn’t an all-black everything occasion – contrary to the Game of Thrones tagline, winter is not coming quite yet. Instead, we want to take you through some of the core pieces to keep you looking sharp this autumn, and it’s all about those earthy tones.

Go Green with your Autumn Wardrobe

Go Green with Risk Sport

Call it khaki green or olive green, either way it is the staple colour of the season. The autumnal tone is everywhere and fortunately for you, it can be easily combined with everything. If you are going khaki green on top, pair it with black, navy or and washed grey jeans. If you choose khaki green for your bottom half, try white t-shirts and trainers, or even blushed pinks (trust us), and you have an effortlessly in-style wardrobe. With olive and khaki green the overall look will always be cool, contemporary, and with Risk Sport, quality too.

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Add Stony Grey Tones to the Menswear Mix

Go Grey with Risk Sport Menswear

The great thing about dark grey is that it is understated but smart and like the khaki counterpart to this blog, easy to wear. Whether you want to rock the washed grey jeans like our best-selling Rafael Grey, or opt for an extra layer to fight the cooler evenings with the Barclay Tracksuit Top, the Risk Sport grey range is full of classics to compliment any outfit.

Something to note is that head-to-toe grey is dangerous. It’s best to break up the grey with varied tones and textures, if not other colours altogether. For example, with your grey skinny jeans, try a wool knit jumper (pretty perfect for the autumn air) with white trainers or heavier military-style boots.

The Ultimate Autumn Shirt

Amery shirt by Risk Sport

We always try to remain unbiased when we bestow our wardrobe wisdom, but the Amery shirt is one of our favourites and the fact that it will fit just right into your autumn menswear options is just a bonus. Why is the Amery such a staple autumn shirt? Well, the 100% cotton and flannel feel fabric is slightly heavier so will work to keep you warm yet comfortable. The shirt’s relaxed fit also makes it perfect for layering – we see open shirt with a staple Risk Sport t-shirt, skinny jeans and trainers for an easy daytime look. You can also button up and opt for some brogue-style shoes for something a little smarter.

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We hope with your autumn wardrobe sorted, you can stop mourning over the loss of summer and head fashion-first into the next season. Keep an eye out on the Risk Sport site for our new collections – it’ll be like Christmas came early. Okay, enough seasonal talk.

Until next week, from the Risk Sport gurus.