How to Wear it Right: The Evening Edit

We’re not talking penguin suits and dicky bows because frankly, unless the occasion calls for it, Risk Sport is not about that life. That isn’t to say we don’t do classic or class; we definitely do. It’s just that our classics all come with that twist of Risk that we love to hear people whisper about. No, we aren’t looking on how best to don the dinner jacket in this feature. Instead, we are going to focus on what you should be wearing on those date nights, the nights out with the boys, and the nights where you want to impress, effortlessly.

Menswear – Dress to Impress, Effortlessly

That’s the trick isn’t it - dressing effortlessly. No one likes a try hard, and striking the balance between smart and casual is often too much of an effort in itself. Swing too far in one direction and you become the prude who needs to learn how to relax; go the other way and you’re branded as lazy. Fortunately for you, Risk Sport knows how to wear it right, and we’re going to share some of our favourite pieces for easy evening wear.

Starting from the Bottom – Jeans

Under no circumstances put on your white jeans. Unless you’re on holiday, living in LA, or some sport or music superstar, keeping things cool and evening appropriate means keeping the jeans dark. Here are two of the Risk Sport best sellers:


Distressed black skinny jeans Risk Sport

The Ansgard jeans do the distressed look just right. In solid black, they are a definite go-to for the evening. In fact they are a go-to at anytime really since black denim is just so versatile. Paired with trainers and a t-shirt and your day look is done. Paired with a shirt or white T, and some smart shoes (as above) or boots and you are ready to hit the town for the night.


Charcoal grey skinny jeans for men

The Aurik jeans are another great staple for your wardrobe. With their charcoal-grey wash they are a little more casual that the Ansgard so a shirt rather than a t-shirt will keep you looking smart for the evening without dipping into apathetic laziness. In light-weight stretch denim they will keep you cool and comfortable too.

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Make a Quiet Statement - Shirts and T-shirts

Once you’ve sorted your bottom half, it is time to take on the top. This is where you can really show off your attitude – just not too loudly; you’re not Kanye, yet. At Risk Sport, all of our clothes create an attitude which let you quietly stand out for their quality and their unique mix of urban and classic. This is never truer than in our shirts and t-shirts. It’s probably easier if we show you.

Ladder White T-shirt

White t-shirt for men crew neck

There are few things worse than a greying t-shirt. They shout a lack of care, a lack of quality, and a lack of attitude. A bright white t-shirt however, does quite the opposite. It may seem like a bit of a cop out to choose a white t-shirt for the evening, but the Risk Sport Ladder t-shirt is the epitome of quality and effortless style. As long as you get the rest of the outfit right, you’re sorted for the night.
Remember, it’s all about the crew neck and NOT the V-neck – unless of course, you want to rock the desperate and unattractively arrogant look.

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Rikard Black Shirt and Adalard White Shirt

A shirt can speak a thousand words, but all of the ones in the Risk Sport collection share quality, style, and a shot of Risk. A shirt can take you from bog standard to best-in-show and here are two of our favourites.

Black shirt for men quality

If every woman has their little black dress, every man needs their black shirt and we think there are few with as much easy sophistication as the Rikard shirt.

White shirt with zip detailing for men Risk Sport

Some white shirts are supposed to be left along with our school days. Then there’s the Adalard. Slim fit and with the zip detailing, there’s nothing school-boy about this white shirt. Paired with black jeans and you are good to go dusk ‘til dawn.

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Need a Jacket?


Black denim jacket with white paint detailing for men

Outfit finished. We don’t think we need to say any more.

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