How to Wear it Right: The Summer Shirt Edit

We’re stepping into July and the heat is on. We all know the expression ‘sun’s out, guns out’ but rather than donning the gym gear or - god help us - a wife beater to keep things cool, this summer’s style is all about the boxy short sleeve shirts.

Why Try a Short Sleeve Shirt?

They are the perfect combination of low maintenance and comfort without looking lazy. They are highly versatile; the best of the summer shirt offerings see a mix of simple block colours, vivid patterns, easy stripes, or detailed graphics. And then there’s the way you can wear the shirt. There are the ones we wear as an overlay to a simple t-shirt, those we can do the buttons right the way to the top, and the shirts that ask for a few buttons to be left undone. The collars too offer style diversity with a wash of the mandarin, the Cuban, the cutaway, and the definitely-avoid-unless-you-want-to-look-like-a-70s-cop.

Another great thing about summer short sleeve shirts are their ability to fit every occasion, keeping us feeling and looking cool when we need it most. Here are some of our 5 favourite Risk Sport short sleeve shirts:

1. Angelo

Angelo Short Sleeve Shirt floral print black

This is sophisticated and easy fashion at its finest. Whoever say florals are for females were too afraid to do chic. Paired with a loose fitting tailored trouser you can add the shoes to suit your needs.

Shop the look here.

2. Marco

Marco short sleeve shirt floral

With the Marco short sleeve shirt we bring the tropics without the tackiness of a gift-shop-bought Hawaiian shirt. Here we’ve paired the Marco shirt with skinny black jeans but these could be swapped for chinos or shorts and you’re good to go.

Shop the look here.

3. Carlo in White

Carlo white short sleeve shirt

For when you need to look a little smarter, but still have those summer vibes, we bring you the Carlo short-sleeve shirt. With slim fit tailoring and 97% cotton and 3% lycra, it promises to keep you level-headed under the heat of the boardroom.

Shop the look here.

4. Enzio

Enzio short sleeve shirt chequered

Made with 100% Oxford cotton fabric, our Enzio short-sleeved shirt is your perfect companion for summer. It’s the ultimate ally for the smart casual look, just don’t be tempted to undo too many buttons - see below to learn why, you can thank us later.

Shop the look here. 

5. Carlo in Black

Carlo black short sleeve shirt

Smart, suave, and simple – that’s everything you need to know.

Shop the look here.

Before you go, there are certain guidelines that we suggest you follow. Here are the Risk Sport Rules for the Summer Shirt Edit:

  • Do not do the short sleeve shirt with light blue denim. It is your ticket to the 70s and not in a rocking the retro vibes kind of way, but in an, ‘I inherited the clothes and fashion sense of my deceased great uncle’ way.

  • Do not over do the un-buttoning, even if you live at the gym. People won’t like you, and it won’t be a jealousy thing, it’s because you look like a fool. 

  • Be careful with patterns and oversizing. Go too far and you risk joining painfully preppy boys at university who spend their days talking excessively about their ‘Gap Yaar’, the girls they’re ghosting and how everything is ‘wavy’. You don’t want to be that guy.

Now that you have been blessed with the Risk Sport wisdom, you’re ready to join your fellow fashion-forward men and make the most of the summer, in style.

Looking for a full outfit? You can find our entire Risk Sport shop here.