Men’s Fashion Fix: A Day in the Wardrobe of…Our Favourite Football Team

Fashion football Gareth Southgate

What we wear sets up the way we approach the day. Our choice of clothes carries an attitude – and that attitude is looking like a winning one when it comes to the England football team.

But what about when the boys aren’t baring their country’s strip on the pitch, or frolicking on inflatable unicorns? They certainly won’t be staying in their socks and swim shorts. Nor does Southgate sleep in his waistcoat and tie. The team here at Risk Sport wants to take a look at our footballers’ wardrobes, morning to night, and how we mere mortals can share in that winning attitude with some seriously cool, collected, and contemporary designs.

The Tracksuit

Tracksuits sport fashion

Unless they’re on a rest day, or travelling between matches, the England 2018 team meet each morning with a rigorous training regime. From their base in Repino, mornings are a bit colder than the one’s we’re experiencing back in the UK so most of the boys have opted for the tracksuit.

How Risk Sport Do It

Men's fashion tracksuit sport

We all know that unless you put in 100% in the training, you’re going to fall short when it matters. We aren’t suggesting that everyone out there is in training for some enormous feat at all times, but whether you’re kicking back for chilled day or heading to the gym for the 5th time this week, a solid tracksuit will never let you down.

The Barclay Tracksuit pants with matching top is one of our favourite combos. We’ll let you decide whether you want to go fitted or relaxed. Add in the Ladder White T-shirt and you’re set for when things are hotting up.

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Daytime Playtime

Footballers fashion deli alli

We don’t want to come down too hard on our boys whilst they’re doing so well, but when they aren’t training, getting kids involved in sport, signing with new multi-million pound sponsorships, they do have some downtime in which they are neither suited nor booted, but still looking on point – just like Dele Alli.

How Risk Sport Do It

men's fashion jeans shirts

We stepped up the white shirt with a twist of Risk in our black stripe; pair the Arlic shirt with our Rafael blue jeans, some comfortable trainers and a jacket, and you are ready to rock the smart casual look.
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Fun When the Sun’s Down – Fashion for A Night Out

Marcus Rashford fashion football

Footballers are well known for having a good time, and for looking good while they do it. Marcus Rashford shows us that getting it right is all about being effortlessly smart and confidently comfortable.

How Risk Sport Do It

Smart casual fashion risk sport

We’ve gone all black, everything. The Rikard slim fit black shirt is seamlessly sauve and coolly contemporary with the D-ring addition. The Jacko wash-black denim jacket with paint splatter effect is the ultimate ally for a night out and with the Ramiro hat to boot, you could find yourself easily fitting in with our football boys.

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Oh, and before you leave us, there’s just one more thing…


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