Sun, Sea, and Skincare- Three Tips to Keep Your Skin and Hair Sweet this Summer

Summer skin and hair care for men

Whatever you may have thought up to now, skin and hair care isn’t reserved for the ladies. It is especially necessary in the summer months. Now those of you who already have our menswear collection stepping up your wardrobe, or are sitting reading this over a solid breakfast of banana pancakes a shake – a guy can dream – in our easy wearing quality tracksuit, you know the way we work. At Risk Sport, our clothing designs push boundaries and blur lines in traditional menswear. We mix urban streetwear with classic designs and in short, take risks.

What we do not do, is risk the health of our skin and hair when the summer sun strikes. It’s all well and good having an outfit that is on point, but when hair is dry and brittle, and skin is either the same or at the other extreme – hello, oil and acne – we aren’t giving ourselves the respect that we expect to receive from others. We definitely don’t want to take the role of mother here; however we will share some really easy and essential tips to stay on top form this summer.

Say Yes to SPF

Silver fox might be a thing, but no one wants to look 52 at 25. Okay, it’s unlikely that sun damage will be so extreme so quickly, but the point stands that UV damage is the greatest catalyst to premature ageing, so do yourself a favour and keep up with your SPF. It also means you can avoid sunburn, which only makes you look like a fool, and it hurts.

Science says you should reapply every two hours. Of course, if you’re sweating it out or splashing about in the Mediterranean Sea – again, a guy can dream – then you should reapply more frequently.

Hair Care

Like clothes drying on a line, the sun extracts moisture from our hair. Some people will be more prone to dry hair, like afro hair, and will need to do conditioning and add hair oil regularly in weather extremes. If you’re the sort to use shower gel on your hair, consider using hair-specific products instead. The chemicals that keep your body smelling good can strip the hair and cause further dryness and damage.

Typically, facial hair is much drier than head hair so if you have rolled out the hipster beard look at getting a beard butter or cream – it’ll help to hold its shape too.


The increase in temperature causes an increase in sweat and oil production. This in turn sees a greater build up in the pores mixed in with bacteria from the day, causing spots and blemishes. Exfoliation, using a flannel and clean lukewarm water - clears the pores of these blockages and gets rid of dead skin cells. That doesn’t mean scrub into your face like sandpaper; gentle circular motions will do the trick.

So there you have it; three super easy tips to keep you and your body happy this summer. Just before you go and buy your beard cream and pocket-sized SPF, we have something for you.

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Stay safe out there, kids.