The Ones to Watch: The Top 5 Street Artists for 2018

A lot of you will know how we work by now. Our motto is built on pushing boundaries and taking Risks. We design quality clothing that blurs the lines between urban and classic, smart and comfortable, but always deliver on style. At Risk Sport, clothes aren’t designed merely for function, each piece is art. Each piece carries an attitude and while they may not speak a thousand words, they do more than just exist – a shirt isn’t just a shirt; it tells onlookers the kind of person you are and how you want to be perceived.

Isn’t that what art is all about, sending a message to everyone who comes across it?

This is never louder and more influential than in street art. It isn’t restricted to a gallery and doesn’t follow the rules. Working on train lines, taking to great heights, painting on private property, street art takes risks and we respect that. With that in mind, we want to share with you some of the most exciting street artists of 2018.

Ant Carver

Ant Carver street art
London based street artist, Ant Carver, epitomises the mix of classic and contemporary by using spray paint in line with modern graffiti art alongside more traditional oil painting techniques.

Instagram – @antcarver


Banksy street art
His name is pretty much synonymous with street art and looking through, or visiting his previous work, it is easy to see why. The anonymous street artist, based in Bristol, is known for his dark humour and satirical artwork. He certainly isn’t afraid to express his views.

Instagram – @banksy

Sara Erenthal

Sara Erenthal
This Brooklyn based artist is multi-disciplinary. She works without boundaries and is in her studio as much as on the streets, using walls, disused mattresses, thrown out boxes and the like as her canvas. Her art has a particular focus on themes of liberation, survival and displacement.

Instagram – @saraerenthalart

Ben Slow

Ben Slow
Another incredible street artist born out of London; he is known for his large-scale murals explore different cultures using a variety of technique and materials.

Instagram – @benslow

Sr. Lasso

Sr. Lasso
Sr. Lasso is based in New York City – how could you not feel creative in a city like that? His work is urban inspired art with masses of colour, visual volume, and pop culture.

Instagram – @sr.lasso

Artists take their inspiration wherever they can, from music, other artists, the media, cultures, idols and friends, but always create something special and which identifies them. The same can be said for Risk Sport. Our clothes don’t necessarily shout in the way that some of these street artists do with their work, but they still have something to say. We already mentioned that at Risk Sport a shirt isn’t just another shirt – so here are just a couple of our favourites, served up with a healthy helping of Risk.


Adalard white long sleeve shirt with zips by Risk Sport
Is it smart? Yes. Is it boring? Absolutely not. The Adalard white shirt with 95% cotton is the ultimate fusion of luxury, comfort, and individual style.


Amery chequered shirt with zips by Risk Sport
There are your great uncle’s old and over-sized chequered shirts, and then there’s the Amery by Risk Sport. We make smart-casual easy, effortless really, but never, ever, lazy. In 100% cotton and flannel-feel fabric, the Amery add texture and a touch of indulgence to any outfit – not forgetting the signature Risk Sport zip design to boot.

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